Margherita -san marzano tomato,cheese,basil&olive oil

                Herb Base- olive oil base,oregano and basil

                Garlic Pizza- olive oil base and garlic

                 Peperoni-tomato base,cheese and peperoni

                Vegetarian-eggplants,zucchini,red capsicum on a tomato base

                Capricciosa-ham,mushroom olives,cheese on a tomato base

                 Prosciutto- tomato base,cheese,prosciutto with basil

                Napolitana-san marzano tomato,cheese,anchovies and olives

               Sausage- san marzano tomato.cheese,italian sausages.chilli and basil

               Supreme- san marzano tomato,cheese,red & green capsicum,mushroom,onions,ham,

                                       and peperoni and olives

               Funghi - Musrooms & cheese on tomato base

             Meatlovers- BBQ Sauce with beef &assorted meats with cheese


               Nutella pizza Calzone ( plain,strawberries or banana )

                                             -any special requirements please don't hesitate to ask



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